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  • The Left and the Workers’ Front is presenting a bill for the salary and for prohibiting layoffs

    25.02.2014 (PTS/FIT, 02/25/14) The Left and the Workers’ Front will give a press conference next Thursday 27th at 4 p.m. at the National Congress to announce an important emergency bill, which states that every worker should earn at least a living wage and prohibits suspensions and layoffs for 24 months, according to what national deputy Nicolás del Caño (PTS/FIT) informed today.

  • Left and Workers’ Front MP rejects wage rise

    23.01.2014 Today, national MP for the Left and Workers' Front (FIT) Nicolás del Caño rejected the increase in salary that will see national MPs earning 50,000 pesos a month from February 1. “It’s a provocation,” he said. “Politicians earn ten times as much as any worker, while inflation has already reduced real wages by 20 per cent over the last three months, and the government and bosses are trying to put a ceiling on collective bargaining in order to consolidate that loss. Such excessive wages for government officials and MPs are meant to make sure they keep on ruling and passing laws against the interests of the workers, in favour of the bosses, bankers and landowners.”

  • Christian Castillo’s internationalist tour through Europe

    23.01.2014 During the month of January, Christian Castillo will be visiting several countries of Europe to get to know at first-hand the situation of the workers' movement and of the Left in one of the epicenters of the capitalist crisis.

  • Press Release

    For the police, wage increase and impunity, for the workers, nothing

    10.12.2013 (Buenos Aires, 12-9-2013) Christian Castillo, for the Workers’ and Left Front (FIT) provincial deputy for Buenos Aires province, and national leader for the PTS, pointed out that “the police protests have opened a political crisis which is trying to be solved by giving all the demands that the forces of repression are claiming for.

  • Mendoza: great victory for workers and youth

    31.10.2013 On October 27th we started a new chapter in our history. After a vigorous campaign, the FIT obtained 14% of the vote in Mendoza province and as a result PTS member Nicolás del Caño was elected to the National Parliament, one of three FIT national MPs elected across the country.

  • Historic election in Mendoza province

    29.10.2013 In a historical day, the Left and Workers' Front won a national deputy representing Mendoza province that will give workers and youth a voice.

  • Elections in Argentina: The Left and Workers’ Front won three parliamentary seats

    28.10.2013 The Left and Workers' Front (Frente de Izquierda de los Trabajadores) reached historic results in yesterday's elections in Argentina. FIT got three national seats representing Buenos Aires Province, Mendoza and Salta; and at least eight provincial legislators, added to current provincial legislators in Neuquén and Córdoba (from 2011 elections).

  • Political election manifesto of the Left and Workers’ Front

    07.10.2013 The Left and Workers' Front is composed of three Trotskyist parties: the PTS (Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas), the PO (Partido Obrero) and the IS (Izquierda Socialista). In 2011 we got over 600.000 votes, obtaining deputies in three different provinces (Neuquén, Córdoba and Salta). In the 2013 Argentinean primary elections for deputies and senators (known as PASO), we reached almost a million votes. If this “rise of the left” will continue it is possible that we obtain national and provincial deputies in more than 7 provinces in the October 27 elections.

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    Excellent election outcome for the Left and Workers’ Front nationally in the 2013 primaries

    13.08.2013 (AUG 12, 2013) The big setback of the national government, that fell not only from 54% in 2011, but from the meager 30% that it got in its worst election in the 2009 legislative elections, now getting little more than 26% throughout the country, was expressed in the strengthening of options supported from the right, like the Frente Renovador of Sergio Massa, that won in the Province of Buenos Aires, or the UCR of Julio Cobos in Mendoza...

  • Argentina - FIT

    Our Candidates

    10.08.2013 Christian Castillo, for MP, Buenos Aires province Castillo is a sociologist and a lecturer in the Buenos Aires University and in the University of La Plata. He is a leading member of PTS (Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas / Socialist Workers’ Party). He is the author of “La izquierda frente a la Argentina kirchnerista” (The Left in the Kirchner Era] and is the coordinator of the “Karl Marx – Soclalist Ideas” Institute). In 2011 he was candidate for the vice presidency for the FIT and in the coming election he is standing as a deputy for Buenos Aires province.

  • Argentina: -National Elections

    Vote for the Left and Worker’s Front

    31.07.2013 The Frente de Izquierda y los Trabajadores (FIT, The Left and Workers’ Front), formed by the Partido Obrero (PO), the Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas (PTS) and the Izquierda Socialista (IS), is one of the few political coalitions with national reach. The FIT presents candidates on 19 of 24 constituencies, spanning more than 85% of the electorate.

  • Comuniqué PTS

    The PTS condemns killing of anti-fascist teenager activist by far-right extremists

    07.06.2013 The Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas expresses its absolute condemnation to the killing of Clément Méric, a student at Sciences Po in Paris and an activist of the Action Antifasciste Paris-Banlieue and of the trade union SUD-Solidaires at the Sciences-Po. Clement, who was brutally attacked and beaten by skinheads of the far-right group Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionnaires (JNR) near the Saint Lazare station in Paris, died at the hospital after being declared brain dead.

  • International and workers’ May Day with the Left Front (FIT)

    16.05.2013 Last Wednesday, thousthands of workers, students, and leftist organizations were part of the Internationalist Workers’ Day rally called by the Frente de Izquierda (FIT, the Left Front). Although there was a change of rain, there was still a great showing at the PTS demonstration and the common rally in Palza de Mayo.

  • Argentina

    For a socialist and internationalist May Day

    02.05.2013 On May Day, the Frente de Izquierda (FIT, the Left Front) will be organising public rallies in the Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, and other places in the country to commemorate International Workers’ Day.

  • Argentina

    Rank-and-file candidates win election in Coca-Cola plant in Buenos Aires

    29.04.2013 On April 21 and 22, the election for the shop stewards committee at the Coca-Cola plant in Pompeya, Buenos Aires city, took place. The rank-and-file list, called Lista Marrón (Brown List) was backed by 43% of the workforce in a 93% turn out. The Lista Verde (Green List), backed by the union leadership, came second, and a split from the Green List came third. The plant has 609 workers and we spoke with two members of the newly elected shop stewards committee.

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Ante la entrega de nuestros sindicatos al gobierno

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La proimperialista Ley Minera del MAS en la picota

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  • PTR (Chile) chile Partido de Trabajadores Revolucionarios Clase contra Clase 

En las recientes elecciones presidenciales, Bachelet alcanzó el 47% de los votos, y Matthei el 25%: deberán pasar a segunda vuelta. La participación electoral fue de solo el 50%. La votación de Bachelet, representa apenas el 22% del total de votantes. 

¿Pero se podrá avanzar en las reformas (cosméticas) anunciadas en su programa? Y en caso de poder hacerlo, ¿serán tales como se esperan en “la calle”? Editorial El Gobierno, el Parlamento y la calle

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  • RIO (Alemania) RIO (Alemania) Revolutionäre Internationalistische Organisation Klasse gegen Klasse 

Nieder mit der EU des Kapitals!

Die Europäische Union präsentiert sich als Vereinigung Europas. Doch diese imperialistische Allianz hilft dem deutschen Kapital, andere Teile Europas und der Welt zu unterwerfen. MarxistInnen kämpfen für die Vereinigten Sozialistischen Staaten von Europa! 

Widerstand im Spanischen Staat 

Am 15. Mai 2011 begannen Jugendliche im Spanischen Staat, öffentliche Plätze zu besetzen. Drei Jahre später, am 22. März 2014, demonstrierten Hunderttausende in Madrid. Was hat sich in diesen drei Jahren verändert? Editorial Nieder mit der EU des Kapitals!

    RIO (Alemania)

  • Liga de la Revolución Socialista (LRS - Costa Rica) Costa Rica LRS En Clave Revolucionaria Noviembre Año 2013 N° 25 

Los cuatro años de gobierno de Laura Chinchilla han estado marcados por la retórica “nacionalista” en relación a Nicaragua: en la primera parte de su mandato prácticamente todo su “plan de gobierno” se centró en la “defensa” de la llamada Isla Calero, para posteriormente, en la etapa final de su administración, centrar su discurso en la “defensa” del conjunto de la provincia de Guanacaste que reclama el gobierno de Daniel Ortega como propia. Solo los abundantes escándalos de corrupción, relacionados con la Autopista San José-Caldera, los casos de ministros que no pagaban impuestos, así como el robo a mansalva durante los trabajos de construcción de la Trocha Fronteriza 1856 le pusieron límite a la retórica del equipo de gobierno, que claramente apostó a rivalizar con el vecino país del norte para encubrir sus negocios al amparo del Estado. martes, 19 de noviembre de 2013 Chovinismo y militarismo en Costa Rica bajo el paraguas del conflicto fronterizo con Nicaragua

    Liga de la Revolución Socialista (LRS - Costa Rica)

  • Grupo de la FT-CI (Uruguay) Uruguay Grupo de la FT-CI Estrategia Revolucionaria 

El año que termina estuvo signado por la mayor conflictividad laboral en más de 15 años. Si bien finalmente la mayoría de los grupos en la negociación salarial parecen llegar a un acuerdo (aún falta cerrar metalúrgicos y otros menos importantes), los mismos son un buen final para el gobierno, ya que, gracias a sus maniobras (y las de la burocracia sindical) pudieron encausar la discusión dentro de los marcos del tope salarial estipulado por el Poder Ejecutivo, utilizando la movilización controlada en los marcos salariales como factor de presión ante las patronales más duras que pujaban por el “0%” de aumento. Entre la lucha de clases, la represión, y las discusiones de los de arriba Construyamos una alternativa revolucionaria para los trabajadores y la juventud

    Grupo de la FT-CI (Uruguay)